4-hour half day charter

This excursion will allow our guests ample time to enjoy three of the North Sound’s most popular attractions. In no particular order you will get to experience:

Stingray City Sandbar or Deep Stingray City: Both sites are inhabited by Southern Rays. Stand in the water with them at the “Sandbar” or snorkel with them at the “Deep” site.

Snorkeling: Snorkel on either the barrier reef or at one of the many coral head sites.

Starfish Point: A unique combination of factors allow for a white sand beach with knee-high waters and an abundant Starfish population.

The Stingray City Sandbar

The North Sound’s most popular attraction, known as the “Sandbar” to locals, this extremely unique feature is the site of one of the most amazing phenomena that occurs anywhere in the world. Over the years, dozens of Southern Stingrays have made the Sandbar their home, a home to which they receive many daily visitors who come to witness and interact with these spectacular creatures in their natural environment. Our crew will educate you on the Stingrays and provide you with opportunities for interaction with them that you would never in your wildest dreams imagine possible!

The Barrier Reef

It is exactly that, a barrier that protects the North Sound from the open sea. The inside of the barrier reef offers snorkeling in waters ranging from 5-15 feet in depth. This amazing feature plays a huge part in creating the conditions that allow us to enjoy the North Sound. Inside the barrier reef you will encounter diverse forms of marine life, from Trumpetfish to Moray Eels. You might even be lucky enough to see a school of giant parrotfish, known to locals as “Gilambo”. With their incredibly beautiful pastel coloring, some of these monsters reach sizes in excess of 25 to 30 pounds. The barrier reef has several channels allowing access to the open sea where depths can quickly plunge to over five thousand feet in some areas!

Coral Heads

Scattered throughout the North Sound, these sites tend to be among everyone’s favorites for snorkeling. Depths range from 8ft up to 15ft. The experience is like swimming in a natural aquarium. Most visitors are completely mesmerized by the sheer numbers and approachability of the colorful fish that inhabit these areas. Conch and lobster are also regular residents of these sites as well.

Starfish Point

This is a wonderful location on the tip of a peninsula on the eastern side of the North sound. Here you will find a remote beach whose waters are teeming with an abundance of Starfish. The shallow waters are less than knee-high, allowing visitors of all ages to relax and enjoy these unique creatures in a very safe environment

The Mangroves

The mangroves, both Red and Black, exist along the North Sound’s entire perimeter. They serve not only as an estuary for most of the marine life, but as a nesting area for many species of birds, including the Blue Heron and Snowy Egret. A large portion of our mangroves are in the highly protected Environmental Zone.

We love the Gem that is The North Sound, and are very passionate about offering intimate/private excursions that will leave you feeling the same way!

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