Our Charters

This should actually be called “Your Charters”, as we at Nick’s prefer to customize each charter to suit the wishes and needs of our guests. Whether we are catering to hardcore Snorkelers, Sun-Worshippers, Beachcombers, or those who just want to experience as much variety as the magnificent North Sound has to offer, Nick’s can accommodate. Snorkelers can experience the barrier reef as well as multiple coral head sites, Beachcombers can roam the beaches of Cayman Kai and Starfish Point, Sun-Worshippers can lie out on the foredeck’s sun pad, and last but not least, EVERYONE can play with the Stingrays! You are in the Caribbean! Spend YOUR time doing what YOU want to do! Let us know what rows your boat!

Days: Monday-Sunday
Times: 9am & 2pm
Departure Location: Cayman Islands Yacht Club-Slip A5

4-hour half day charter

Feed the stingrays at Stingray City Sandbar, snorkel the Barrier Reef and visit Starfish Point

7-hour full day charter

Visit multiple snorkeling sites, experience both the Sandbar and Deep Stingray sites, or simply just have more time to sit back and relax in paradise!